Bushland Conservation Committee

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Who We Are

The Bushland Conservation Committee (BCC) is a S355 Council advisory committee that seeks to protect, connect and improve the integrity and diversity of the natural environment in the Shire through advice to Council.

The BCC supports promotion of environmental protection wherever achievable by gaining an understanding of plans, activities, natural areas and community views.


What We Do


  • Reflect the views of the local community and environmental groups
  • Identify and advise Council on challenges and opportunities in respect of bushland management
  • Promote bushland regeneration works and associated public education.

We do this by acting as a conduit between the many community voices and the council, offering advice based on best practices for the management of urban bushland as a community asset.


How Can You Become Involved?


Are you a bushcarer within The Hills Shire? Tell us about what you are doing and the challenges you face.

Are you a rural landowner? Do you have access to the help you need to protect biodiversity on your property?

Are you a lover of nature and the local Hills bushland? How can we better protect this precious resource? We’d love to hear your thoughts.

Members of the community are also welcome to nominate for this Committee, which generally meets monthly. Committee members are passionate volunteers who have wide-ranging experience in all aspects of bushland management.

If you would like to join and have a voice in how our bushland is managed pleased contact Council's Bushland team on 02 9843 0555.