Support for Businesses affected by Storms and Floods

The Australian and NSW Governments have announced additional funding to support NSW communities and primary industries affected by the February and March 2021 storms and floods to assist them in their next stage of recovery.

The Small Business Commissioner has also prepared the Get Ready Toolkit for business owners dealing with disaster.  We encourage you to utilise this resource and better understand how your business can recover and even bounce back better than ever.

Get Ready Toolkit

Get back to business – a guide to recovering from disaster

Get Back to Business - a guide to recovering from disaster is a step-by-step guide for business owners dealing with a disaster. It outlines how small businesses can recover and even bounce back better than ever.

The guide provides information on the five phases of disaster recovery – from the moment disaster hits to the days, weeks and months ahead. There are action checklists on how business owners can work through each phase of recovery. There are also several case studies highlighting lessons learned by other small businesses who have been faced with disaster.

To read more, download the Get Back to Business guide attached below.

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Prepare for the unexpected – Build a Business Continuity Plan

Prepare for the unexpected – Build a Business Continuity Plan provides practical advice in managing disruption, as well as a series of easy to use templates that enables small business owners to develop a personalised Business Continuity Plan.

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Get Ready Business: five step guide to preparing for disasters

The frequency and severity of natural disasters is increasing in Australia, meaning that there will be more floods, more storms, more bush fires and more heat waves. For businesses, it’s not just about the immediate damage but the flow-on impacts such as power outages and transport and communication interruptions. Following a disaster, it can take months to get your business back up and running.

This guide to recovering from disaster is designed to help you get your business ready for disasters in five simple steps.

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Insurance claims for small business guide

This quick guide to making an insurance claim will help you through the claims process so you can get your claim paid quickly and smoothly after a disaster or disruption.

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Storm and Flood Grants

Rural Landholders Grant

The Rural Landholders Grant provides assistance to storm and flood-affected landholders in eligible local government areas (LGAs) including The Hills to support the next phase of their recovery. 

The grant of up to $10,000 is available to eligible landholders who: 

  • are in an LGA declared as a natural disaster as part of the NSW storms and floods that occurred from 19 February 2021 onwards (AGRN 954) or from 10 March 2021 onwards (AGRN 960) including the Hills;
  • have holdings of at least 10 hectares;
  • receive at least $20,000 in income from primary production per year; 
  • hold an Australian Business Number (ABN); and
  • do not receive the majority of their income from primary production. 

Further eligibility criteria apply. Landholders are encouraged not to self-assess and to apply for the grant so the Rural Assistance Authority can determine eligibility. 

Applications will be open until 28 January 2022. 

To view the guidelines and to apply, visit the Rural Assistance Authority below.

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Storm and Flood Industry Recovery Program

The NSW Government is continuing to support communities affected by the storms and floods earlier this year with the Storm and Flood Industry Recovery Program. 

This program will be delivered in two streams. 

1. Supply Chain Support Grant

The Supply Chain Support Grant offers funding to help primary producers and primary production enterprises to rebuild and recover in the medium to longer term. 

Eligible primary producers are required to have accessed the full $75,000 Special Disaster Grant in order to apply for funds through the Supply Chain Support Grant. 

The amount of funding available to eligible producers in targeted industries will vary by industry and a 50:50 financial and/or in-kind co-contribution from applicants is required. 

Applications will be open until 3 March 2022.

To find out more and apply, visit the Rural Assistance Authority website below.

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2. Sector Recovery and Resilience Grant 

The Sector Recovery and Resilience Grant is for medium to longer-term recovery and resilience projects that will support industry-wide recovery. 

The Department of Regional NSW will work with government agencies, industry peak bodies and industry representatives from heavily impacted industries to identify projects that support sector-wide recovery, resilience and innovation.  

Applicants identified through industry engagement will be invited to apply from October 2021. 

Funded projects will be required to demonstrate broad industry support and outcomes that will have sector-wide benefits. 

To find our more information, contact the team at or 1300 679 673, or visit the NSW Government Storm and Flood website below.

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