Preparing and Recovering from Disasters for Small Businesses

Support for Small Businesses Affected by Bushfires
The NSW Small Business Commission has made practical support available for businesses impacted by bushfires, from damaged or destroyed property to disrupted business and reduced income.
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Has your business been impacted by the NSW bushfires? 
The NSW Small Business Commission is conducting a survey on the impact of bushfires on small businesses to help inform the recovery response. 
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Preparing your Business for Disasters

The NSW Small Business Commission has put together a comprehensive five step guide on how to prepare your small business for a disaster. 

Download the Five Step Guide for Preparing for Disasters

Recovering your Business from a Disaster

The NSW Small Business Commission has developed a range of resources to help small business owners recover from disasters, including their Get Back to Business Guide, which advises businesses through the early recovery stages to long- term revival. 

Download the Get Back to Business Guide

If your business needs to make a claim due to disaster disruption, access the NSW Small Business Commission's Insurance Claim Guide to ensure an easy claim process. 


For inquiries about disaster support for small businesses, contact the NSW Small Business Commission on 1300 795 534.