Tourism Association - Hills Hawkesbury & Riverlands Tourism

In November 2008, Hills Hawkesbury & Riverlands Tourism (HHART for short) took a bold move to start an industry driven, industry led tourism promotion organisation. We are designed as the point of contact for the Hills Hawkesbury areas for visitors, state government, associations, federal government and other stakeholders for all tourism interests.

Hhart is  a membership organisation for the industry to promote the industry and grow the visitor economy of  the area led by industry professionals (10 board of directors and an employed Executive Officer) that works with local government, state government and other stakeholders.

By becoming a member of Hills Hawkesbury & Riverlands Tourism (HHART) you are helping to strengthen the tourism industry, which contributes significantly to the economic, ecological and community prosperity of our region. By growing the visitor economy we are growing our community.

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