Reserve Planning

Master Planning

Master planning for the new urban release areas is an important activity for Council. The following master plans have been adopted by Council and will be constructed once sufficient funds are obtained.

Master Plans are visionary documents that determine the general inclusions for a site, and then guide and direct further work to be undertaken. Master Plans can be delivered in one stage or take multiple years, depending on resourcing and funding capacity, as well as land ownership.

Anthony Skarratt Reserve

Anthony Skarratt Reserve Master Plan(PDF, 4MB)

Arnold Avenue Reserve

Arnold Avenue Sports Complex Master Plan(PDF, 1001KB)

Balmoral Road Reserve

Balmoral Road Sports Complex Master Plan(PDF, 3MB)

Brindle Parkway Reserve

Brindle Parkway Reserve Master Plan(PDF, 4MB)

Caddies Creek Sports Complex - Stage 2

Caddies Creek Sports Complex Master Plan(PDF, 7MB)

Cattai Creek Corridor

Cattai Creek Corridor Landscape Master Plan(PDF, 32MB)

Castle Hill Showground

Castle Hill Showground Master Plan Report(PDF, 19MB)

George Thornton Reserve

George Thornton Reserve Master Plan(PDF, 21MB)

Kellyville Memorial Park

Kellyville Memorial Park Master Plan(PDF, 6MB)

Kenthurst Park

Kenthurst Park Masterplan(PDF, 977KB)

Rutherford Ave Village Green

Rutherford Avenue Reserve Upgrade Plan(PDF, 176KB)

Samantha Riley Drive Reserve

Samantha Riley Drive Reserve Master Plan(PDF, 3MB)

Stringer Road Reserve

Stringer Road Reserve Master Plan(PDF, 4MB)

The Water Lane Reserve

The Water Lane Reserve Master Plan(PDF, 170MB)