Annangrove Road & Edwards Road Roundabout Construction

  • Project scheduleMarch 2025 (weather permitting)

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Current Works
  • Excavate the ground and install drainage/utilities relocations

Work commenced in March 2024 with an estimated completion of up to 12 months. This is subject to site and weather conditions. The construction timeframe is affected by the relocation of multiple service utilities. Coordination of the relocation is essential with each of the individual providers. These include Sydney Water, Telstra, NBN, gas and electrical services.

The timeframe has been progressing well. As a result, the completion date will likely be forwarded to late 2024. Again, this is subject to site and weather conditions.

Service utility relocation is extensive for this project. The relocation of the services are designed to sustain further intersection upgrades. Longer term upgrades such as traffic signals can be completed without having to relocate again. Service utility relocations occur in the early phases of construction.

Service utility relocations involve:

  • Trenching for underground conduits and pipes
  • Cabling
  • Reconnections
  • Approval from the service utility provider

The above are required before other road building activities can commence. Consequently, the progress of the project may not be clearly apparent in the early stages.

Pavement widening and concrete roundabout elements will be completed in the later stages.

Work will typically occur Monday - Saturday from 7am to 5pm. However, some night work may also be necessary to minimise impact on peak hour traffic flow. Night works may be needed to deliver heavy vehicle plant machinery, and for service utility relocation work.

The safety of construction workers and the public is of utmost importance. The configuration of the protection barriers is being optimised for safety. The barriers are also configured to allow traffic to pass through the worksite in all directions. All parts of the intersection need to be accessed in stages to enable the reconstruction. Unfortunately, the mandatory construction zone speed restriction and barrier positioning is slowing traffic flow. This usually occurs during mid-week peak periods. Travel delays will be experienced during construction. We recommend you plan your journey and consider alternative routes.

We thank the community for their patience during the delivery of this important project. The project will ultimately improve traffic flow and driver safety at this intersection.

About the Project

The Hills Shire Council is upgrading the intersection of Edwards and Annangrove Road, Box Hill / Rouse Hill.

Traffic volumes in Annangrove Road result in significant delays for motorists exiting Edwards Road, with a large number of unsafe vehicle manoeuvres observed at the intersection.

Current traffic volumes at this intersection do not meet Transport for NSW (TfNSW) criteria for the installation of traffic control signals. TfNSW are the approval authority for all traffic control signals in NSW, meaning that Council cannot install traffic control signals without their agreement.

As TfNSW criteria are not met under current conditions at this location, Council has decided to proceed with construction of an interim upgrade of the intersection to a roundabout in order to address current and ongoing traffic congestion and road safety issues.

The roundabout work includes:

  • Construction traffic management and controls
  • Extensive relocation and adjustments to existing service utilities including potable & recycled water, wastewater, Telstra, NBN, gas and electrical services
  • New stormwater drainage infrastructure
  • A non–mountable central reinforced concrete roundabout island (10-metre radius), with raised concrete median islands on all four approached that will accommodate pedestrians and cyclists
  • Pavement widening 80m to the north and 60m to the south on Annangrove Road and 90m to the west and 60m to the east on Edwards Road
  • Reconfiguration of the lane arrangements along Annangrove Road and Edwards Road on the approach to the roundabout
  • Removal of 18 trees
  • Milling (excavation) and re-sheeting of asphalt pavement
  • Linemarking and signposting
  • Landscaping 



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