Draft VPA - Planning Proposal 8 Solent Circuit Norwest (11/2018/PLP)

Submissions Close 15 March 2019

Draft Voluntary Planning Agreement in association with a Planning Proposal at 8 Solent Circuit, Norwest (11/2018/PLP)


On 25 September 2018, Council considered a draft Voluntary Planning Agreement (VPA) applicable to land at 8 Solent Circuit, Norwest. The Voluntary Planning Agreement was submitted in association with a planning proposal which seeks to enable commercial development uplift and redevelopment of the land to accommodate two 10 storey commercial office buildings, with six levels of office space, three levels of above-ground car parking, a café and lobby at ground level and basement parking.

On 25 September 2018, Council resolved, in part, to publicly exhibit the draft Voluntary Planning Agreement. The draft Voluntary Planning Agreement seeks to address the demand for new local infrastructure likely to be generated by the proposed development and requires the Developer to make monetary contributions to Council valued at $1.2 million in association with future development of the land.

It is noted that the planning proposal applicable to 8 Solent Circuit, Norwest was publicly exhibited from 11 September 2018 to 12 October 2018. This current exhibition period relates to the draft Voluntary Planning Agreement submitted in association with the planning proposal.

Enquiries: Jonathan Tolentino, Town Planner on (02) 9843 0557.

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