Planning changes to facilitate Transitional Group Homes in the Hills

Submissions Close 27 April 2018

Planning changes to facilitate Transitional Group Homes in the Hills Shire (2/2018/PLP)

A planning proposal has been prepared to amend The Hills Local Environmental Plan 2012 to provide a floor space bonus for the delivery of Transitional Group Homes within the Hills Shire.

Transitional housing provides safe and temporary accommodation for vulnerable members of the community, including women and children experiencing homelessness and/or domestic violence. 

The planning proposal will be applicable to certain higher density development within the R1 General Residential, R4 High Density Residential and B4 Mixed Use zones. It will incorporate a floor space cap which will ensure that the additional yield will be moderate and will not unreasonably impact on surrounding residents.

A draft Voluntary Planning Agreement template has been prepared to secure an agreement between Council, the developer and the chosen service provider, to ensure the Transitional Group Home dwellings will be adequately operated and managed. In addition, a draft Development Control Plan has been prepared to guide developers on matters such as the intent of the incentive, design techniques and the operation and management of the transitional group homes.

Enquiries: Michaela Newman, Town Planner on (02) 9843 0519.

Submissions Closed.