Planning Proposal Draft DCP Amendment, Draft VPA Vivien Pl Castle Hill

Submissions Close 12 October 2018

Planning Proposal, Draft Voluntary Planning Agreement and Development Control Plan amendments applicable to land at Vivien Place, Castle Hill (2/2017/PLP)

Council has received a Gateway Determination to proceed with a planning proposal for land at 1–6 Vivien Place, 1, 3, 5 and 7 Gay Street and 12 Gilham Street, Castle Hill.

The planning proposal seeks to facilitate a high density residential development comprising 220 dwellings, in a built form comprising a 17 storey building, 13 storey building and a 3 storey terrace edge. The key amendments to The Hills Local Environmental Plan 2012 include:

  • Rezoning the site from R2 Low Density Residential to R4 High Density Residential;
  • Removing the maximum building height applicable to the site (height to be regulated through the development control plan);
  • Amending the Lot Size Map to increase the minimum lot size requirement from 700m2 to 1,800m2;
  • Applying a ‘base’ floor space ratio of 1:1 across the entire site and an ‘incentivised’ floor space ratio of 1.9:1 across the entire site.
  • Identify the site on the Key Site Map and amend Clause 4.4B to allow the site to achieve a 20% bonus floor space incentive if the site is amalgamated, terrace edges are provided along the Gilham and Gay Street frontages, a new road link along the western boundary of the site is constructed and dedicated to Council, and an easement for a through site pedestrian link is provided. This will increase the total achievable Floor Space Ratio to 2.28:1.

Delegation for making of the amendment to LEP 2012 has been issued to Council under the Gateway Determination.

In order to guide future development on the site, an amendment to draft DCP 2012 (Part D Section 20 – Castle Hill North) has been prepared and is being exhibited concurrently with the planning proposal.

The amendment to the draft DCP updates the structure plan for the Castle Hill North Precinct to identify a height range of 3-17 storeys on the site, updates the indicative street network and hierarchy map to identify the proposed western road connecting Gilham Street and Les Shore Place, inserts a new road profile for the western road connection, and updates the setbacks surrounding the site.

A draft Voluntary Planning Agreement (VPA) is also on exhibition which secures the delivery of the proposed western road connection, provision of pedestrian linkages and resolves how the Proponent will address the increased demand for local infrastructure generated by the proposed increase in residential density.

Enquiries: Brent Woodhams, Forward Planning Coordinator on (02) 9843 0443.

Submissions Closed.