Amend Clause 9.7(1) Residential Development in Showground Precinct

Submissions Close 23 November 2018

Planning Proposal - Amendment to Clause 9.7(1) Residential Development Yield on Certain Land within the Showground Precinct (3/2019/PLP).


Council has received a Gateway Determination to proceed with a planning proposal which applies to land that is subject to an Incentive Floor Space Ratio within the Showground Station Precinct.

Residential development within the Showground Precinct can achieve the Incentive Floor Space Ratio (maximum density) if it complies with the following requirements:

  • Provides housing diversity (a minimum of 20% 3+ bedroom units, a maximum of 25% 1 bedroom units and if at least 40% of the 2 and 3 bedroom units are larger);
  • At least 1 parking space is proved per unit;
  • At least 1 visitor parking space is provided per 5 units; and
  • If the development site has an area of at least 10,000m2.

Currently there is limited flexibility to vary the 10,000m2 site area requirement. However, a variation may be necessary where a site is isolated due to there being no adjoining properties available to incorporate into a consolidated development site. The planning proposal seeks to amend the provision to provide some additional flexibility in these instances.

Enquiries: Brent Woodhams, Forward Planning Coordinator on (02) 9843 0443.

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