Draft Amendments The Hills of Carmel Voluntary Planning Agreement

Submissions Close 09 November 2018

Draft amendments to The Hills of Carmel, Box Hill Voluntary Planning Agreement (‘VPA’) are now on public exhibition.

The existing VPA was originally executed by Council and the Developer on 19 June 2018. It secures delivery of $48 million of local infrastructure identified under Contributions Plan No.15 – Box Hill Precinct (‘CP15’) by the Developer and in recognition of this, enables the Developer to claim contribution offsets and/or reimbursement from Council up to a total value of $43.9 million.

The VPA, as executed, applies to 227 ha of land on which the Developer intends to deliver approximately 1,900 new dwellings.

The draft amendments currently on exhibition extend the application of the VPA to include an additional 8.2 hectares of land on which the Developer intends to deliver approximately 160 new dwellings. The amendments enable the Developer to offset developer contributions payable with respect to an additional 160 dwellings/lots (2,060 lots rather than 1,900 lots under the current VPA), likely reducing the subsequent value of any ‘reimbursement’ claim by the Developer.

The proposed amendments are minor in nature and are a logical extension of the existing VPA. They do not impact on the scope, nature and value of works to be delivered under the VPA, or the overall value of the Developer’s offset and/or reimbursement entitlement. The proposed amendments would not diminish the public benefits associated with the existing Agreement, as executed by Council.

Enquiries: Piers Hemphill, Strategic Planning Coordinator 02 9843 0511.

Submissions have closed.