Draft amendments to DCP 2012 PD S9 - 23-25 North Rocks Rd, North Rocks

Submissions Close 29 August 2014

Council has resolved to prepare and exhibit draft amendments to The Hills Development Control Plan 2012 (Part D Section 9 – Target Site, 23-25 North Rocks Road, North Rocks).

The purpose of the amendments is to facilitate the proposed incorporation of a parcel of residual land (3787m2) at 23 North Rocks Road, North Rocks into the target site (25 North Rocks Road) and to provide controls that will guide the future development of the amalgamated target site.

Active development consents exist for residential developments on both properties. The proposal is to “transfer” sixteen (16) units which have been approved at 23 North Rocks Road, directly adjacent to James Ruse Drive, to the top of a building approved at 25 North Rocks Road, resulting in an increase in building height to between ten (10) and twelve (12) storeys. The land where these units would have been built will be utilised to provide an increased landscaped buffer to development on the target site from the road. 

The draft amendments propose to shift residential units from one location to another within an amalgamated site and will not increase the overall approved density. The draft amendments will allow for a stepped built form across the site which is consistent with the intention of the original Development Control Plan and provide a better urban design response to the site.

Enquiries:  Kate Clinton, Acting Forward Planning Coordinator, 9843 0555.