Draft VPA Trustees of the Sisters of Saint Joseph

Submissions Close 12 July 2013

Draft Voluntary Planning Agreement Trustees of the Sisters of Saint Joseph (March 2013)

Council resolved at its Ordinary Meeting of 28 May 2013 to exhibit a draft Voluntary Planning Agreement (VPA) relating to residential subdivision (6/2012/JP) at 64 Mackillop Drive, Baulkham Hills. The purpose of the exhibition is to notify the community of the draft Voluntary Planning Agreement and gain public feedback. 

The draft Voluntary Planning Agreement relates to Stage 1B of the development application which provides subdivision of the southern portion of the site into 56 residential allotments. The purpose of the VPA is to address stormwater management detention and water quality management issues arising from the development of the site and proposes the following:

  • Land dedication to Council in conjunction with the subdivision of proposed lot 257;
  • Stormwater detention works within the dedication land sized on the basis that 100 year ARI rainfall intensities are increased by 20% to mitigate overland flow through downstream properties; and
  • A monetary contribution of $360,000 to Council towards water quality treatment works within the downstream catchment.

Public notification of the DA occurred between 26 July 2011 and 26 August 2011, and 28 June 2012 and 12 July 2012. Documents and plans relating to the development application can be viewed on Council’s website under Application Tracking by searching for application reference 6/2012/JP.

Enquiries:  TOWN PLANNER, PIERS HEMPHILL +61 2 9843 0555.