How to Submit a Development Application Online

Where can I lodge my Development Application (DA)?


Submit all Development Applications online via the NSW Government Planning Portal

Seeking council approval on a new build or renovation? Follow the steps on the Department of Planning and Environment’s Planning Portal

Development Application Process Fact Sheet(PDF, 3MB)


The community and developers can use the portal to complete:

  • Planning processes and
  • Online transactions


These include:

  • Development Applications and
  • Complying Development Certificates


Track all submitted Development Applications across NSW using the sites spatial viewer.


How to Lodge Your Development Application (DA) via the NSW Planning Portal


To lodge an assessment ready application via the NSW Planning Portal, you will first need to register an account.

After registering, you will be able to Lodge the Development Application.

The NSW Government has released a comprehensive guide to the Development Application process.

The guide explains the process involved (including construction approval processes).

It aims to assist you with preparing and lodging applications ready for assessment.

The guide also provides explanations of each step towards a determination. 

The guide is available here.


The Process - Step by Step

Collate all documentation and information required and lodge via the NSW Planning Portal.

Step 1

  • Upload all documents and plans to the portal as part of the application process
  • Label all documents/plans following Council's checklist below:

Checklist - Development Applications Online Lodgement(PDF, 726KB)

  • There is no fee payable at this stage
  • You will receive an acknowledgement letter


This fact sheet has more information on preparing and collating the required information:

Fact Sheet - Preparing Plans for Development Applications(PDF, 696KB)


Step 2

Documentation review (within 72 business hours*)

*upon receipt of the application (working days).

A review of your application can be up to 5 business days.

It will then go to the appropriate assessment team.

Please note, unfortunately we are experiencing unanticipated increase in demand for development services.

We apologise if you are experiencing delays with your application. Thank you for your patience and understanding.


Step 3

You will be contacted via the portal for the following:

  • Acceptance of the application and
  • Request for fee/s payment - email payment details to council - don not upload via the portal), or
  • Return of the application with a request for you to provide more information.


Step 4

  • Pay the required fee/s and the application will then be lodged as a Development Application
  • Section 4.55 modification and assessment of the application will begin. 


More information on Development Application Assessment can be found here.


Are there any fees for Development Applications (DAs)?

There is an application fee when you submit a DA. The fee is the estimated cost of the work for the development.

A Schedule of Fees is available from Council’s current Fees & Charges document.

After applying via the NSW Planning Portal, Council will contact you for fee payment. You will receive payment reference details and a link to make your payment. Please pay to Council when you receive the link and do not upload via the planning portal.


For further help call Council’s Customer Service team during telephone hours (8am – 4.30pm Mon - Fri) on 02 9843 0555.

Please note that Development Applications lodged under the provisions of:

use the definition of Capital Investment Value within the:


The Capital investment value of a development includes:

  • all costs to establish the project and
  • all costs to operate the project


This includes the design and construction of:

  • buildings
  • structures
  • associated infrastructure and
  • fixed or mobile plant and equipment


Track the progress of your Development Application

Applications lodged on the NSW Planning Portal go to Council for assessment.

You can via these applications using Council’s Application Tracker.


Need help?

For help lodging your online application call Council during regular work hours.

Call our contact centre on 02 9843 0555 (8:30am to 4:30pm Monday to Friday (excluding Public Holidays).


Need advice about Council regulations that might affect your building or development project?

Our Lodgement & Enquiries Team will help you to understand the application process.

Call 9843 0555 then press '2' when prompted. Or Submit a Building and Development Enquiry.



Construction Certificate

To start building all development application require a Construction Certificate.

This certificate is issued by either Council or a private certifier.

Guide to Appointing Council as Your Certifying Authority(PDF, 82KB)



Advising Neighbours of the Development Application?

Public notification of an application depends on the type of development proposed.

You may like to discuss your proposal with your neighbours.

It may be an opportunity for you to consider any suggestions from your neighbours.

It may also avoid delay in the processing of the application at a later date.

Guideline - Should I Make a Submission(PDF, 129KB)


Political Donations of Gifts

Any applicant is required to disclose the following reportable political donations and gifts (if any) made by the applicant or any person with a financial interest in the application:

  • within the period commencing two (2) years before the application is made and
  • ending when the application is determined.
  • All reportable political donations made to any local Councillor of that Council
  • All gifts made to any local Councillor or employee of that Council. (This includes any donations made at the time the person was a candidate for election to Council).


The disclosure of a reportable political donation or gift is to be made:

In, or in a statement accompanying the relevant planning application, if the donation or gift is made

  • Before the application or submission is made, or
  • If the donation or gift is made afterwards, in a statement of the person to whom the planning application was mad,e within seven (7) days after the donation or gift is made.