About the North Kellyville Precinct

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North Kellyville (MAP) is a release area that was planned under the NSW Government’s North West Priority Growth Area Program along with other nearby release areas, including Box Hill.

The area is bound by Smalls Creek to the west, Cattai Creek to the east and north and Samantha Riley Drive to the south.

Typically when a rural site has been identified for possible urban development, Council (or the Department of Planning, Industry and Environment in the case of North Kellyville and Box Hill) prepare an:

These identify where different land uses and facilities (such as Open Space, Community Facilities, Waterways, and Roads and Transport Facilities) will be located.

The planning for North Kellyville was finalised in December 2008 and subsequent planning control amendments will facilitate approximately 7,200 dwellings.


Zoning Map

Sydney Regional Growth Centres (North West Growth Centre) - State Environmental Planning Policy - North Kellyville Zoning Map(PDF, 1MB)


Funding and Construction

The NSW Government provides infrastructure for water, sewer and power. Developers help contribute to these costs through charges levied by relevant agencies.

The Hills Council has prepared a list of local facilities a new community needs including Parks, Drainage, Playing Fields, Cycleways, Bridges and Local Roads, in accordance with criteria set by the NSW Government. Developers pay a contribution to Council in order to fund this infrastructure.

Council has planned to deliver approximately $271 million of new infrastructure and to date, has spent $70 million.

The acquisition of land and construction of new facilities is long-term process. Acquiring all land needed to provide new facilities can be challenging, particularly when it involves many individual landowners who may, or may not, be ready to sell.

Council is currently acquiring the land required for local facilities and identifying opportunities to provide open space as well as prioritising the rollout of upgrades to the road network.

Latest Information

Sportsgrounds, Reserves and Playgrounds

Sportsgrounds in Development

Two large sportsgrounds are scheduled for construction within the precinct and will provide:

  • Full sized soccer, rugby league and rugby union fields
  • Flexible fields catering for touch football, hockey and ‘overflow’ demand
  • Cricket ovals and
  • Tennis courts 


Stringer Road Reserve.jpg

Stringer Road Sportsground

Construction of sporting facility includes:

  • Playing Fields
  • Multi-purpose Courts
  • Sports Amenities
  • Local Playground
  • Shareway paths


A completion date is expected to be approximately 2023.

Environmental investigations and preliminary design work is complete for Stringer Road sportsgrounds, located on the corner of Stringer and Barry Roads, North Kellyville.

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Masterplanning has begun. Community consultation and detailed design work to continue through to 2021 with construction to follow. 


Samantha Riley Drive Reserve.jpg

Samantha Riley Drive Reserve

This reserve is located on the corner of Samantha Riley Drive and Glenhaven Road, Kellyville.

The reserve will feature:

  • Playing Fields – four multi-purpose fields
  • Sporting Amenities
  • Field Lighting
  • Local Playground
  • Pedestrian and Bicycle Paths within and around the reserve

Environmental investigations and preliminary design work is underway. Council awarded a tender for design consultancy in early February, 2020 covering:

  • Concept Design Development
  • Indicative Cost Estimates
  • Final Masterplan
  • Community Consultation
  • Construction Schedule
Growth Centre Precinct tick stage 2 +(3).jpg


Masterplanning, community consultation and detailed design work will continue through to 2021 with construction to follow.

The completion date is approximately 2023.


Reserves and Playgrounds

Play space

Local open space across the precinct provides informal play space within convenient walking distance (within 500m) from local residences. These local parks include playground equipment, seating, pathways, lighting and landscaping to ensure access for all age groups within the community.

Many of these areas also include (or are scheduled for future construction) watercourses, wetlands, retention basins and other water management facilities to achieve required water quality outcomes.


Bladensburg Res Image.jpg

Bladensburg Road Reserve

This reserve, located on Bladensburg Road, North Kellyville was completed in late 2018.

This reserve features:

  • Playground
  • Seating
  • Grassed area
  • Bushland area
  • Waterways Infrastructure





Springbrook Boulevard Reserve Playground Image.jpg

Springbrook Boulevard Reserve

This reserve located on Springbrook Boulevard, North Kellyville was completed in late 2019.

This reserve features: 

  • Playground
  • Seating
  • Turf Area
  • Junior Basketball Area


In the future, waterways infrastructure will be constructed at the southern end of the reserve.

Read the Springbrook Boulevard Reserve Opening Media Release Here.


Oxlade Reserve Playground Image.jpg

Oxlade Reserve

This reserve, located on Oxlade Street, North Kellyville was completed in late 2017.

This reserve features:

  • Playground
  • Grass Area
  • Cycleway and connection to the cycleway network
  • Shelter
  • Seating
  • Waterways infrastructure


Read the Park Opening Media Release here


Lansdowne Road Reserve Image.jpg

Lansdowne Road Reserve

This reserve, located on the corner of Lansdowne & Foxall Roads, Kellyville was completed in 2017.

This reserve features:

  • Playground with pommel swing
  • Seating
  • Shelter
  • Drinking Fountain
  • Turf Area


Read the Playground opening Media release here.

In the future, waterways infrastructure will be constructed at the reserve.


Twickenham Park Image.jpg

Twickenham Ave Reserve

This reserve, located on Twickenham Ave, North Kellyville was completed in late 2017.

This reserve features:

  • Playground
  • Learn to Ride Bike Path
  • Grass Area
  • Cycleway and connection to the cycleway network
  • Shelter and seating


Read about the opening of the Twickenham Ave Park


Barry Road Reserve Playground Image.jpg

Barry Road Reserve

This reserve, located on Greenmount Street, North Kellyville was completed in 2017.

This reserve features:

  • Playground
  • Seating
  • Shelter


Future waterways infrastructure is to be constructed at the south-western end of the reserve.

Media Release - New Park for Kellyville

Roads, Cycleways, Bridges and Bus Routes

The Road Hierarchy Explained

A road hierarchy has been developed to adequately service the traffic generation potential of the precinct. The road classifications can range from local access streets, major and minor collector roads, arterials and sub-arterials.

All roads below the level of sub-arterial are usually provided by the developer as part of their subdivision or development consent. The higher order roads, usually sub-arterial up, are included in a Developer Contributions Plan where Council collects contributions from the developer and Council constructs the road.

A residential development area the size of North Kellyville should have a single sub-arterial route to accommodate regional traffic, and Hezlett Road together with Withers Road fulfills this function. There are no arterial (Transport for NSW) routes in North Kellyville.


Street Naming

Street naming for all proposed streets identified within the North Kellyville Release Area have been reviewed and approved by The Hills Shire Council and the Geographical Names Board.

View the North Kellyville Release Road Naming Map (Aug 2014)(PDF, 522KB)


Planned Major Road Work

Council is focused on roads within North Kellyville, including upgrading Hezlett Road to four lanes and completing Samantha Riley Drive to four lanes.

While roadworks continue through this area, delays can be expected, however Council is working with contractors to minimise traffic disruption. The patience and understanding of residents is appreciated.


Samantha Riley Drive

Samantha Riley Drive widening (to two lanes in each direction between Smalls Creek and Green Road) continues, and will accommodate traffic growth from North Kellyville into the future. 

Included in these works will be ‘road flattening’ of the rise between Hezlett and Foxall Roads (necessary to improve safety and visibility for drivers), traffic light installation at the intersection of Hezlett and Samantha Riley and the completion of a two lane roundabout at the intersection of Samantha Riley Drive and Foxall Road.

A construction end date will be provided for this project subject to the awarding of a construction tender in the near future.

More information on staged works for Samantha Riley Drive is available here.


Hezlett Road

Hezlett Road (classified as a sub-arterial road) is being upgraded to two lanes in each direction throughout 2020/21, with allowance for the kerbside lanes of Hezlett Road to be clearways during the peak hour and available for parking during off peak hours.


Foxall Road

Foxall Road is a major collector road with developers responsible for half width road construction fronting their development. Being a developer constructed route and not a council constructed road, it is not listed in the Contributions Plan and therefore it is not in Council’s capital works program.


Withers Road

Withers Road is also being upgraded to two lanes in each direction and planning is also well under way for the installation of traffic signals at the location of the temporary roundabout at the Withers Road/ Barry Road intersection as part of the future Withers Road upgrade.

A sub-arterial town centre perimeter ring-road will be built to connect Hezlett Road and Withers Road south of the Local Shopping Centre to avoid pedestrian movements conflicting with high volumes of through traffic.

To support the North Kellyville road network, there will be an upgrade to the existing Withers Road crossing of Smalls Creek - the proposed bridge will be designed to be four lanes.


Ross Place/Edwards Road Bridge

A planned northern bridge connection from Ross Place to Annangrove Road (via Edwards Road) will be built to support both local traffic and public transport.

As a result, the connection between Ross Place and Annangrove Road is also identified to be upgraded to two lanes and will feature a heavy vehicle weight limit to reduce the amount of through traffic and heavy goods vehicles generated by the Annangrove Road Light Industrial Precinct and Box Hill Industrial and Residential Precincts.



Planned Traffic Signals and Roundabouts

Traffic signals are planned or underway at Samantha Riley Drive and Hezlett Road, Hezlett Road and Gum Nut Close, Withers Road and Barry Road (the local Shopping Centre Perimeter Road) and at the Withers Road and Hezlett Road intersection (the local Shopping Centre Perimeter Road). Pedestrian signals will also be installed in front of North Kellyville Primary School.

A one-lane roundabout is planned for the intersection of Barry Road, Stringer Road and Hillview Place providing access to the Stringer Road Sportsgrounds and another at the end of Withers Road, intersecting with Fulton Place and Foxall Road.

Two lane roundabouts are planned at Samantha Riley Drive and Foxall Road and at Hezlett Road and Curtis Road.


Pedestrian Paths, Cycleways and Connecting Bridges

Footpaths and cycle paths are proposed along sub-arterial roads and collector roads connecting major land uses within the precinct including the town centre, neighbourhood centres, schools, parks and sports fields.

Proposed cycle paths on Hezlett Road and Withers Road will improve the conditions of the regional cycle route extending the Regional Green Link from Kellyville to North Kellyville and Rouse Hill.

The majority of cycleway routes within the North Kellyville Precinct will be provided by developers as required by the North Kellyville Development Control Plan, however the Contributions Plan provides for cycleways and crossings where they adjoin land reserved for a public purpose. 

Three cycle connections along Smalls Creek are proposed to provide pedestrian and cycle linkages between the precinct and the neighbouring built-up residential areas and the Rouse Hill Town Centre.

Three crossing points are proposed along Samantha Riley Drive including the signalised intersection at Hezlett Road and proposed footbridges connecting the Kellyville Greenway Link with the ridge top recreational cycle path within Samantha Riley Drive Reserve with the Glenhaven Road Bridge.


Bus Routes

An important objective in the development of the North Kellyville Precinct is to reduce car dependency through the provision of an efficient public transport system and pedestrian movement network. 

The public transport network in the North Kellyville Precinct operates on the sub-arterial corridor of Samantha Riley Drive, Hezlett Road and Withers Road.

A second route is also likely to operate on the collector road route of Foxall Road, Barry Road and Stringer Road to Annangrove Road. To support this network, nine bus stops have been located within reasonable walking distance of locations convenient to residents and future employees.  

Detention Basins, Rain Gardens and Roadside Swales

About Detention Basins

Oxlade Reserve Detention Basin.jpg

Located within the various reserves and recreation zones of the precinct (playgrounds, picnic areas and open space), detention basins serve to detain runoff and allow the release of stormwater in a controlled manner. These dry detention ponds are designed to completely empty out after a limited period of time. 

There are eleven detention basins that will service the entire North Kellyville Release Area. Three of these basins have been already completed; the other eight basins are currently being designed.


Completed Detention Basins

Oxlade Street Reserve

Oxlade Reserve Detention Basin Plan.jpg

The wetland-detention system located within the Oxlade Street Reserve was completed in 2019 benefiting the neighbouring community who use the reserve for passive and active recreation purposes.

The wetland-detention system comprises two interlinked basins that assist in the control of the quantity and quality of water leaving the catchment.

The lower section of the basins, which retain water for an extended period of time, is the ‘wetland’ component that allows the retention and uptake of pollutants and nutrients.  The upper detention component provides storage for incoming flows to assist in controlling the release of flows to the downstream bushland area.

Apart from their stormwater treatment and detention functions, the basins add aesthetic value to the reserve and provide connectivity between adjoining roadways and throughout the reserve via a shared network of pedestrian and cycleways.


Bladensburg Road Reserve Basins.jpg Bladensburg Road Reserve

Bladensburg Road Reserve was designed to ensure the optimisation of the reserve as a recreational open space for the area’s growing population ­­and to provide the infrastructure to manage both the quantity and quality of stormwater received from the upstream urban catchment.

The constructed wetlands comprise a series of two ponds, with the bigger pond cascading into the smaller one. From the ponds, the water outfalls into the downstream reserve area.

The lower section of the basins, which retain water for an extended period of time, is the ‘wetland’ component that allows the retention and uptake of pollutants and nutrients.

The upper detention component provides storage for incoming flows from the pipes off Kumbatine Crescent and Warrabah Road.

In addition to their function of controlling the quantity and quality of stormwater received from the upstream catchment, the basins add some aesthetic value to the reserve and benefit the neighbouring community that will be regularly using the reserve for passive and active recreation purposes.


Deepwater Circuit Reserve (South-Western Corner)

Located west of Mapleton Avenue in North Kellyville, the detention basin near the south western corner of the Deepwater Circuit Reserve was completed in late 2018 to attenuate the flows coming from the upstream catchment.

The basin is designed to detain flows up to the one in 100 year storm event from the developed catchment. Flows are discharged into Smalls Creek at a rate lower than pre-development levels.

Two other detention basins are proposed for the northern and middle sections of the reserve. These two basins will provide detention and attenuation of flows received from their respective tributary catchments.


Basins Currently Being Designed

  • McMillian Circuit Reserve
  • Blinkhorn Circuit Reserve
  • Indwarra Avenue Reserve
  • Kumbatine Crescent Reserve
  • Lansdowne Road Reserve
  • Springbrook Boulevard Reserve
  • Barry Road South Reserve
  • Deepwater Circuit Reserve (Northern End) and,
  • Deepwater Circuit Reserve (Middle Section)


Map of Indicative Locations of Detention Basins across North Kellyville(PDF, 5MB)


Rain Gardens and Roadside Swales

The North Kellyville Development Control Plan, prepared by NSW Department of Planning, Industry and Environment, includes development standards requiring rain gardens within the North Kellyville Precinct.

The North Kellyville Release Area differs from a lot of other release areas in that it is characterised by sloping land and high value remnant native vegetation along Smalls Creek and Cattai Creek. Consequently, compliance with the water quality treatment targets in North Kellyville is met through a combination of rain gardens, roadside swales (for the majority of streets) and smaller basins/wetlands at key locations such as those listed above.

Rain gardens and roadside swales temporarily detain and treat stormwater runoff before it leaves the site.

More information, including installation guidelines and maintenance plans, are available here.


North Kellyville Public School, delivered by the NSW State Government responds to the expanding urban growth identified within the Sydney West Central District and the projected population growth in the Local Government Area.

Located on Hezlett Road, Kellyville, between Withers Road and Samantha Riley Drive the new public school's core facilities currently accommodate up to 1000 students.

The school features:

  • 40 future-focused learning spaces
  • Hall
  • Library
  • Covered Outdoor Learning Areas (COLA)
  • Semi-enclosed courtyards
  • External play, gaming and sporting facilities

Visit the North Kellyville Public School Website.

For updates and more information please visit the Department of Education website.