Hezlett Road North Kellyville Upgrade

  • Project typeSec 7.11
  • Project scheduleEnd of September 2021 Completion (weather permitting)




About the project

Hezlett Road is being upgraded to meet urban standards and the future transport needs of North Kellyville.

The upgrade will see Hezlett Road widened to two lanes in each direction with allowance for kerbside lanes to become clearways during peak hour and available for parking during off peak hours.

Signals will be installed at the intersection of Hezlett Road, Samantha Riley Drive and James Mileham Drive and at the by-pass at the intersection of Hezlett Road and Barry Road. Signalised pedestrian crossings will be provided at Hezlett Road in front of North Kellyville Public School and at the intersection of Hezlett Road and Gum Nut Close.

Works will also include a “Kiss and Ride” facility in front of North Kellyville Public School, the provision of new and the upgrade of existing bus stops and the construction of pedestrian refuge islands and footpaths.

Menai Civil Contracting have been engaged as the head contractor to construct the section between Samantha Riley Drive to Armbruster Avenue. The signals at the intersection of Hezlett Road/Samantha Riley Drive/James Mileham Drive and the signalised pedestrian crossing in front of the school will be the first stages of the project to commence construction. These sections are complex due to the need for extensive service utility relocations including water, recycled water mains, power, telecommunication network and gas supply whilst maintaining existing supply and traffic flow.

Various traffic control measures will be implemented during each stage of construction including installation of concrete barriers to separate traffic from the work area, temporary pavements, reduced roadwork speed limits, short term detours and side road & footpath closures.

Instances of night works will occur as some works are only permitted to occur during periods that minimise impact. Such work includes connection and commission of new service utilities and adjustments to traffic arrangements.

Road users are required to follow roadwork speed limits, observe directions from traffic controllers and be aware of changing conditions. Pedestrians are also advised to take care to avoid any trip hazards.

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Current works

STAGE 1 - Work fronting North Kellyville Public School (between Headingley Avenue and Curtis Road)

Eastern side

  • Sydney Water testing, await approval for cut-over of new 200mm water main and recycled water main
  • Remove redundant water mains (pending Sydney water approval)
  • Install stormwater drainage system and kerb pad (pending removal of redundant water mains)
  • Traffic signal underground work.


Hezlett Rd fronting NKPS and Curtis intersection.jpg


STAGE 2 - Work at Samantha Riley Drive intersection

Southern side

  • Electrical testing and cut-over for a new HV service
  • Hauling/jointing of new telecommunication cables (for full length of Hezlett Road)
  • Stormwater drainage system construction
  • Kerb & gutter and sub-pavement construction (south western section of intersection)
  • Construct spray seal pavement at James Mileham Drive (Nightworks - 28 February - 3 March).


Please note: Progress of Stages 1 and 2  is heavily dependent on completion of service utility relocations including electricity, telecommunications (Telstra, NBN, Optus), water, recycled water and gas. Each new service must be constructed and approved for connection by the respective service provider before the existing service can be removed. This is to ensure continuation of service to customers. Once the new service connection is made (or “cut-over”), the existing service can be removed, enabling the road to be widened.

Service utility relocations are subject to rigorous testing and commissioning processes of the utility owners. This process often involves long lead times to provide adequate notice of disruptions to resident’s services and usually occur outside regular working hours.

Stage 1 and 2 work zones are also constrained in terms of available safe working space whilst maintaining sufficient traffic lane width to preserve the flow of traffic.

In order to ensure the overall project remains on track, the contractor has brought forward construction of Stage 3 of the work (between Curtis Rd/Camrose St and Armbruster Ave) so it can proceed concurrently whilst the remaining service utility relocations are completed. Once the service utilities are completed, road work will be re-focussed on these two priority locations.


STAGE 3 - Work between Curtis Road/Camrose Street and Armbruster Avenue

  • Temporary sacrificial pavement complete (eastern side). This enables safe working space for civil work behind concrete barrier on western side
  • Service utility location and investigation
  • Gas relocation work
  • Earthworks, including demolition of existing pavement
  • Install stormwater drainage system and kerb pad.


STAGE 4 - Samantha Riley Drive to Headingly Avenue

  • Work to commence on completion of Samantha Riley Drive intersection.

Temporary relocation of kiss and drop zone to Hipwell Avenue

As part of the project, the kiss and drop zone, formerly located on Hezlett Road, has been temporarily relocated to Hipwell Avenue, behind North Kellyville Public School, and the capacity has been reduced to three cars at a time.

Where possible, please park on nearby streets and walk the short distance to pick up your children to reduce demand on the kiss and drop zone. Travelling times are likely to be impacted - please travel slowly, beware of changing traffic conditions and follow all warning signs and the direction of traffic controllers. We appreciate your patience and understanding during this important work.

Relocation of Kiss and Drop Zone to Hipwell Avenue - Map(PDF, 215KB)


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