Road Project - Samantha Riley Drive Road Upgrade

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Samantha Riley Drive Stage 3 Upgrade Complete

Samantha Riley Drive reopens as a four-lane carriageway


The final section of the Samantha Riley Drive upgrade was opened in mid-July following substantial excavation to lower the existing road crest by two metres, as well as the construction of retaining walls in order to meet Australian road safety standards.

The entire upgrade has transformed the section of Samantha Riley Drive east of Windsor Road from a two-lane semi-rural road with unsealed shoulders into a four-lane carriageway. More information on the completion of stage 3 is available here.

Current Works

  • Remove the two temporary roundabouts at Goodison Street/Hezlett Road and Goodison Street/Foxall Road.


The upgrade to the intersection at Hezlett Road and the remainder of Hezlett Road down to Armbruster Avenue is currently out for tender. More information is available here.




History of the Upgrade of Samantha Riley Drive to a Four Lane Sub Arterial Road

Works on one of the biggest infrastructure projects in The Hills - the upgrade of Samantha Riley Drive Kellyville has seen a number of milestones being achieved.

This project is one of the most complex road projects Council has carried out, involving land acquisitions to enable the road to be widened, identifying and relocating high and low-voltage power, relocating telecommunications, water mains, stormwater drainage and other utilities and seeking approvals from multiple agencies to achieve these outcomes. 

The upgrade will see the section of Samantha Riley Drive east of Windsor Road widened to a four-lane carriageway, with three major intersection upgrades at Redden Drive, Hezlett Road and Foxall Road.

The undergrounding of overhead electrical cabling and power pole removal works was completed in September 2019 enabling road work to resume.


Staging Plans

Samantha Riley Drive Staging Plan.png

Stage 1 - Roadworks between Poole Road and Redden Drive. Stage 2 – Roadworks between Redden Drive and Hezlett Road. Stage 3 – Roadworks between Hezlett Road and Foxall Road. Stage 4 - Roadworks between Foxall Road and Glenhaven Road.



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