Local Environmental Plan 2012

The Hills Local Environmental Plan 2012 (as amended) is the principal planning instrument affecting land use within the Shire. The Local Environmental Plan (LEP) defines what purpose land may be used for. The plan consists of a written statement and a number of maps.

The plan, although prepared by Council, is vetted by the State Government to ensure consistency with Environmental Planning and Assessment Act, 1979, State Environmental Planning Policies before being gazetted by the Minister for Planning and Infrastructure.

The plan also contains a number of special provisions to address such issues as heritage conservation, subdivision and land acquisition. The zoning map then depicts graphically the application of the various zones to specific areas of land.

State Environmental Planning Policy (Exempt and Complying Development Codes) 2008 (the Codes SEPP) specifies exempt and complying development under that Policy. 

For further information on the General Housing Code or a copy of the Codes SEPP visit www.planning.nsw.gov.au/housingcode



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Key Documents

Local Environmental Plan (LEP) 2012(PDF, 801KB)

Land Use Matrix LEP 2012(PDF, 204KB)

Please refer to the legislation website at www.legislation.nsw.gov.au if you would like to download a legislative copy.



THSC Interactive Map.jpgThe Hills Shire Council Interactive Map

Use this interactive map to search your property for information including Land Zoning, Lot Size, Floor Space Ratios, Maximum Height of Buildings and more.

Access the Hills Local Environmental Plan 2012 - Interactive Map

Interactive Map - How to and Reference Guide(PDF, 131KB)



The Hills Local Environmental Plan 2012 - Map Sheets 

Land Application Map LEP 2012(PDF, 2MB)

Land Zoning Map LEP 2012(PDF, 14MB)

Lot Size Map LEP 2012(PDF, 14MB)

Floor Space Ratio Map LEP 2012(PDF, 10MB)

Floor Space Ratio Incentive Map LEP 2012(PDF, 13MB)

Height of Buildings Map LEP 2012(PDF, 13MB)

Building Setback Map(PDF, 11MB)

Land Reservation Acquisition Map LEP 2012(PDF, 11MB)

Heritage Map LEP 2012(PDF, 12MB)

Combined Local Map 1 LEP 2012(PDF, 5MB) - Contains Acid Sulfate Soils Map and Terrestrial Biodiversity Map

Combined Local Map 2 LEP 2012(PDF, 10MB) - Contains Foreshore Building Line Map, Line Map, Landslide Risk Map, Urban Release Area Map and Key Sites Map

Combined Local Map 3 LEP 2012(PDF, 12MB) - Contains Sydney Metro Northwest Sites Map

Additional Permitted Uses Map LEP 2012(PDF, 6MB)

Active Street Frontages Map LEP 2012(PDF, 8MB)