Suburb Changes – North Kellyville, Norwest & Bella Vista

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Finalisation of Suburb Changes - North Kellyville, Norwest & Bella Vista Extension

Fact Sheet - Finalisation of Suburb Changes FAQ - North Kellyville, Norwest & Bella Vista Extension(PDF, 2MB)


When were the changes finalised?

The proposals were formally approved by the Minister for Finance, Services and Property and on 29 June 2018, the Geographical Names Board gazetted the final suburb boundaries.

Detailed maps can be downloaded below or viewed at Council’s Administration Building located at 3 Columbia Court, Norwest.

New Suburbs Full Boundary Map(PDF, 829KB)

New Suburb Map - Bella Vista(PDF, 1MB)

New Suburb Map - North Kellyville(PDF, 1MB)

New Suburb Map - Norwest(PDF, 976KB)


Why are the changes being implemented?

Council has undertaken a review of growth and development of suburbs in the vicinity of the Norwest, Bella Vista and Kellyville rail stations of the Sydney Metro Northwest.

The changes respond to both release area development in North Kellyville and the planning and delivery of new development around the Sydney Metro Northwest in a way that results in appropriate suburb sizes and minimises disruption to residents.


What if I don’t agree with the change?

The suburb changes to the boundaries of Kellyville, Baulkham Hills and Bella Vista and the introduction of the new suburbs of North Kellyville and Norwest has been formally approved by the Minister and gazetted by the Geographical Names Board on 29 June 2018.

There will be no further changes under this final gazettal. Any alterations in the future will only be considered under a new proposal.


Who is the authority for Suburb Names and Boundaries?

Under the Geographical Names Act 1966, the Geographical Names Board is responsible for assigning suburb names, determining their extent and publishing their details in the NSW Government Gazette.

The role of Council in suburb naming and boundary changes is to communicate proposals with residents, request submissions and comments, review submissions and provide information for Council elected representatives to make an informed decision. Resolutions of Council are then provided to the Geographical Names Board for them to make a final decision on proposals.


Has my postcode changed?

The allocation of post codes has mostly remained the same as those previously used. The confirmation of postcodes for the new suburbs and boundary changes is as follows:-

  • Kellyville suburb is 2155 and the new suburb of North Kellyville is also 2155
  • Baulkham Hills suburb is 2153 and the new suburb of Norwest is also 2153


    A change to post codes for affected properties is as follows:-

  • Properties previously in Kellyville under 2155 and now located in Norwest are 2153
  • Properties previously located in Kellyville under 2155 and now located in Bella Vista are 2153


Who do I need to notify of my new address?

Authorities and service providers hold different addresses for each individual property and customer. These addresses are known as:

  • ‘Property or Supply Address’ – The site the service is provided to & for meter reading; and
  • ‘Mailing or Billing Address’ – The site to post or mail the bill to

NOTE: Even if you receive your bill by email, it will still include your mailing or billing address and these need to be updated.

Council has notified many organisations to update ‘Property or Supply Addresses’, however, these organisations cannot update your Mailing or Billing Address unless notified by you.

It is recommended that you use the following checklist as a guide to notify of changes to your mailing and billing addresses:

  • Childcare & Education – School, TAFE, University, Tertiary Institutions
  • Employer
  • Energy Services
  • Family & friends
  • Financial Services – Banks, Credit Unions, Accountant
  • Health Services – Doctor, Dentist, Physiotherapist, Optometrist, etc
  • Insurance Services
  • Internet Services
  • Legal Representatives – Lawyers, Solicitors, etc
  • Loyalty Programs & Store Cards
  • Mail order Catalogues, Newspaper & Magazines
  • Mobile Phone Services
  • MyGov – Taxation Office, Centrelink, Medicare, Child Support, Seniors
  • Pay TV Services
  • Real Estate Agent – advise tenants, etc
  • Roads and Maritime Services NSW – Drivers Licence, Fishing Licence, Boat Licence and Vehicle registration
  • Superannuation Services
  • Toll Tags – e-toll, e-tag, etc
  • Veterinary Services
  • Water and Sewage Services


What if my property is tenanted?

If your property affected by these suburb changes and is rented, the suburb changes will also affect your tenants and they need to be advised by you the owner or your managing agent as soon as possible. 


When does the title get updated for my property?

A title is only accurate at the time it is registered with Land Registry Services NSW and any suburb or address changes that occur after a title has been issued will not be updated until further action through a transaction such as sale of a property or dealing.

For title enquiries you should contact NSW Land Registry Services on 1300 052 637 or email


Updates to Google Maps and Apple Maps

The Hills Shire Council is aware that many customers use online map services such as Google Maps or Apple Maps and ongoing efforts to locate a direct contact for these large international companies has unfortunately not been successful.

The only way to notify of any map changes or corrections is to go online to the map product and ‘Report a Problem’ or ‘Send Feedback’.

These suburb changes have been reported by The Hills Council, however, the likelihood of these being updated or acknowledged is unknown. Previous experiences has shown that the more corrections reported by all users, then the likelihood of them being actually changed is much higher. With this in mind, it is recommended that residents also report a map problem online.    


Ordering and delivery of parcels

When ordering products and services, it is recommended to include a statement that your suburb has recently changed in the ‘Additional Delivery Information’ area that is often provided online. This will ensure the company is aware of the suburb change & assist with the delivery of the product to the correct address.

Please note that it may take some time for organisations to recognise your new suburb. If you have difficulties locating your address, please refer the organisation to where they can search the NSW Addressing database to verify your new address or email

Parcels delivered by Australia Post will be re-directed to the correct new address for a period of 4 months up until 31 October 2018.


For further information

Contact Council’s Customer Service Centre on 02 9843 0555 or email