Review of The Hills Section 7.12 Contribution Plan (FP260)

Submissions Close 18 September 2020

At its meeting of 11 August 2020 Council resolved to exhibit draft amendments to The Hills Section 7.12 Contribution Plan. The amendments are on public exhibition from Tuesday 18 August 2020 to Friday 18 September 2020.

The Hills Section 7.12 Contribution Plan enables Council to levy monetary contributions from development across the Shire to fund local infrastructure. The plan applies Shire wide and is used to capture contributions wherever a section 7.11 Contributions Plan is not applicable to a development.

The proposed amendments seek to update the Plan to remove works completed or no longer required, update proposed costs and scope of works, and insert newly identified works. In total, the amended Works Schedule will include 46 items with a total value of $87,873,346. The proposed changes will result in:

  • Adjustment of costs for existing items to be retained within the Plan;
  • Removal of 26 items which have been completed (valued at $23.2 million);
  • Removal of 6 items which are no longer required (valued at $4.3 million); and
  • Inclusion of 29 new items (valued at $57.2 million).

A number of minor administrative changes are also proposed to update population and employment projections to 2036 and update references to legislation and applicable Council Policies.

This exhibition is now closed.