Planning Proposal - 2 Green Road, Castle Hill (5/2020/PLP)

Submissions Close 17 July 2020

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Council has received a Gateway Determination to proceed with a planning proposal for 2 Green Road, Castle Hill. The planning proposal seeks to enable the expansion of the adjoining Museum Discovery Centre through the construction of a new building at 2 Green Road, Castle Hill by amending The Hills Local Environmental Plan 2019 as follows:

  • Amend the Land Zoning Map to rezone the site from part R2 Low Density Residential and part SP2 Infrastructure (Classified Road) to part R2 Low Density Residential, part SP2 Infrastructure (Classified Road) and part SP2 Infrastructure (Information and Education Facilities).
  • Amend the Height of Buildings Map to increase the maximum building height from 10m to part 10m and part 15m.

The amendments seek to facilitate a new building to provide storage, production and operational facilities which will accommodate the Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences’ collections storage, workshops, offices, conservation, research and treatment facilities through amending the Land Zoning Map and Height of Buildings Map of The Hills Local Environmental Plan 2019.

Enquiries: Gideon Tam, Town Planner on (02) 9843 0188

Submissions have closed.