Draft Contributions Plan No.18 - Bella Vista & Kellyville Precincts

Submissions Close 29 January 2021

At its meeting of 1 December 2020 Council resolved to exhibit a new draft Section 7.11 Contributions Plan for the Bella Vista and Kellyville Station Precincts. The draft Plan is on exhibition from Thursday 10 December 2020 to Friday 29 January 2021. Under the applicable legislation Council is required to exhibit a draft Contributions Plan for 28 days, however this exhibition has been extended over the holiday period to allow the community additional time to review the material and make a submission.

The Bella Vista and Kellyville Precincts are expected to accommodate high density residential development supported by two (2) town centres focused on the new Metro stations, as well as commercial / office development on business park land surrounding the new Bella Vista Station (extending from the existing Norwest Business Park).

The draft Contributions Plan will enable Council to levy monetary contributions from future development within the Bella Vista and Kellyville Station Precincts as a means of funding the local infrastructure required to support the future population and workers within these Precincts.

The draft Plan identifies approximately $143 million worth of local infrastructure to be provided within and surrounding the Precincts including, but not limited to, active recreation facilities (expansion of the existing Caddies Creek Sports Complex and small courts), passive open space (parks and urban plazas), new and upgraded traffic facilities, new pedestrian bridge connections across Elizabeth Macarthur Creek and a new pedestrian bridge over Memorial Avenue. The draft Plan contains a Works Schedule and associated mapping which identifies the full list of infrastructure items to be funded.


Submissions have now closed.