Planning Proposal - 900m2 Min Lot Size Manor House R3 Med Density

Submissions Close 22 March 2019

Planning proposal to introduce a 900m2 minimum lot size for Manor Houses in the R3 Medium Density Residential Zone (4/2019/PLP)

The Low Rise Medium Density Housing Code (the Code) will come into effect in the Hills Shire on 1 July 2019. The Code provides complying development standards for Manor Houses.

In instances where consent under the Code cannot be achieved, development consent must be sought by way of a development application. Manor Houses are a new dwelling type in The Hills and as such there is no minimum lot size for this type of development within The Hills Local Environmental Plan 2012.

As a type of Residential Flat Building, Manor Houses will be subject to the same minimum lot sizes as Residential Flat Buildings in zones where Residential Flat Buildings are permitted. As Residential Flat Buildings are not permitted in the in the R3 Medium Density Residential Zone (where as Manor Houses will be) it is necessary to specify a minimum lot size for Manor Houses to ensure orderly development. The planning proposal seeks to introduce a minimum lot size of 900m2 for Manor Houses in the R3 Medium Density Residential Zone.

On 11 January 2019, Council received Gateway Determination from the Department of Planning and Environment, requiring Council to publicly exhibit the planning proposal for 28 days. Delegation for making of the amendment has not been issued to Council under the Gateway Determination.

Enquiries: Ashley Ascone, Senior Town Planner on 02 9843 0382.

Submissions Closed.