Draft VPA for 6-12 & 16-20 Garthowen Cres, Castle Hill (24/2016/PLP)

Submissions Close 29 November 2019

At its meeting of 22 October 2019, Council considered a draft Voluntary Planning Agreement (VPA) which relates to future development of land at 6-12 and 16-20 Garthowen Crescent, Castle Hill. Council resolved to publicly exhibit the draft VPA.

The draft VPA specifies a monetary contribution rate payable towards future infrastructure in association with each dwelling achieved on the site as part of future development. The monetary contribution rates specified within the draft VPA are based on those established within draft Contributions Plan No.17 – Castle Hill North Precinct (‘CP17’).

As draft CP17 has not yet been finalised, the draft VPA will essentially duplicate the function of the Contributions Plan and secure a fair and reasonable contribution towards local infrastructure and regional traffic infrastructure upgrades.

On 28 May 2019, Council resolved to finalise the planning proposal which will facilitate a high density residential development on the site. The planning proposal is currently undergoing the finalisation process and is not the subject of this public exhibition.

Enquiries: Laura Moran, Town Planner on (02) 9843 0581.

Submissions have closed.