The Greens Planning Proposal - Part 40 Solent Circuit Baulkham Hills

Submissions Close 15 June 2018

Exhibition of Planning Proposal, draft DCP amendments and draft Voluntary Planning Agreement relating to land at 40 Solent Circuit, Baulkham Hills (‘The Greens’) (5/2015/PLP)

Council received a Gateway Determination on 31 January 2017 to proceed with a Planning Proposal at 40 Solent Circuit, Baulkham Hills. The proposed amendments seek to facilitate a mixed use development comprising nine (9) towers, ranging in height from 8 to 26 storeys and accommodating approximately 864 residential units and 6,000m² of commercial floor space.

The amendments proposed to The Hills Local Environmental Plan 2012 include:

  • Increase the maximum building height from RL116 metres (10 storeys) to RL176 metres (26 storeys).
  • Apply a maximum floor space ratio of 1:1 and a maximum incentivised floor space ratio of 2.9:1 (currently no maximum FSR applicable).
  • Include the following additional permitted uses in Schedule 1 of LEP 2012: Business premises (maximum 1,500m²), Child care centres (maximum 500m²), Health consulting rooms and Medical centres (1,000m²), Recreation facilities (indoors) (maximum 1,500m²), Restaurants or cafés (maximum 500m²) and Shops (maximum 1,000m²) applying to part Lot 2105 DP1201899.

Delegation for making of the LEP has been issued to Council under the Gateway Determination.

Draft amendments to The Hills Development Control Plan (DCP) 2012 Part D Section 8 - Norwest Town Centre Residential Development are also proposed to accommodate the proposed concept and provide development controls for the site.

The applicant has also submitted a draft Voluntary Planning Agreement (VPA) which addresses additional demand for local infrastructure generated by the increased residential yield proposed on the site. The draft VPA secures a monetary contribution towards the provision of new local infrastructure and also requires the development to complete the following local infrastructure works:

  • 2,000m² of publicly accessible “urban plaza” space on the site to contribute new passive open space within the urban context.
  • Upgrades to lighting and security measures around Norwest Lake.
  • A new signalised intersection at Solent Circuit East and Norwest Boulevarde.


Enquiries: Piers Hemphill, Strategic Planning Coordinator on (02) 9843 0511.

Submissions have closed.