Planning Proposal - land at 8 Solent Circuit, Norwest (11/2018/PLP)

Submissions Close 12 October 2018

Council received a Gateway Determination on 23 June 2018 to proceed with a planning proposal for land at 8 Solent Circuit, Norwest.

The proposed amendments seek to enable commercial development uplift and redevelopment of the site to accommodate two (2) 10 storey commercial office buildings, with six (6) levels of office space, three (3) levels of above-ground car parking, a café and lobby at ground level and basement parking.

The planning proposal seeks to enable this development outcome through amending The Hills Local Environmental Plan 2012 as it relates to land at 8 Solent Circuit, Norwest, to increase the maximum floor space ratio from 1:1 to 2.2:1 and increase the maximum building height from RL116 metres (approximately 8 storeys) to RL126 metres (approximately 10 storeys).

Enquiries: Jonathan Tolentino, Town Planner on (02) 9843 0557.

Submissions Closed.