Exhibition of the Showground Precinct (FP223 )

Submissions Close 09 February 2018

Council resolved at its Ordinary Meeting on 12 December 2017 to publicly exhibit a draft Development Control Plan, draft Contributions Plan and draft Public Domain Plan for the Showground Planned Precinct (formerly ‘Priority Precinct’). The draft plans will support future development within the Precinct following the finalisation of the Precinct Planning and rezoning of the land by the Minister for Planning on 15 December 2017.

The draft Development Control Plan includes controls to regulate future built form and ensure high quality development outcomes that reflect the intended character for the Precinct as a highly liveable transit centre. The controls also seek to achieve a well-connected pedestrian network, active street frontages, high quality architectural style and character, attractive streetscapes, public realm, common open space and car parking.

The draft Contributions Plan will enable Council to levy new residential and employment development to collect the funds necessary for the provision of local infrastructure required to support the additional growth. It aims to ensure that existing infrastructure is not over-taxed and that future residents are able to access facilities and services that are consistent with the lifestyle enjoyed by existing Hills residents. It identifies upgrades and new facilities including playing fields, expansion and embellishment of open space, stormwater management facilities, village plaza, roundabouts, traffic signals, road widening, pedestrian bridges, community centre and library floor space and other pedestrian facilities.

The draft Public Domain Plan seeks to enhance the image and amenity of the Precinct through the provision of street trees, footpath paving, furniture and landscaping to give the precinct a unique urban identity, whilst complementing the character of the surrounding area. It will provide the overall direction for creating coordinated public domain spaces that are attractive, safe and vibrant within the centre. 

Submissions have closed.