Draft Development Control Plan relating to child care centres (FP171)

Submissions Close 20 April 2018

At its meeting of 27 February 2018, Council resolved to publicly exhibit an amendment to Part B Section 6 – Business of The Hills Development Control Plan 2012 to rationalise development controls for centre-based child care facilities.

These amendments are in response to the introduction of State Environmental Planning Policy (Educational Establishments and Child Care Facilities) 2017 (the SEPP), and it’s associated Guideline which provide a suite of development controls applicable to educational establishments and child care facilities.  Where there is an inconsistency between Council’s development controls and the SEPP, the SEPP will apply.  Therefore as the SEPP will prevail, it is unnecessary to duplicate controls in Council’s Development Control Plan.

Controls for centre-based child care facilities are currently located within Appendix E Part B Section 6 – Business of The Hills Development Control Plan 2012. Apart from removing controls that are now covered by the SEPP or Guideline, the draft amendment also removes controls that are covered by other parts of the DCP or other legislation.

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