Draft Amendments Contributions Plan No.11 Annangrove Rd Light Industry

Submissions Close 09 February 2018

Council resolved at its Ordinary Meeting on 12 December 2017 to publicly exhibit draft amendments to Contributions Plan No. 11 – Annangrove Road Light Industry (renamed to Annangrove Road Employment Area) (‘CP11’). The amendments include:

  • Periodical update of the Contributions Plan to reflect income and expenditure since the last review of the Plan in July 2014 and update of construction costs and financial assumptions;
  • Provide clarity that the Contributions Plan applies to all types of development within the Annangrove Road Employment Area and replace references to the ‘Light Industrial Area’ with ‘Employment Area’; and
  • Enable Council to consider requests to vary the Contribution Rate (in exceptional circumstances only).

The proposed amendments will provide clarity and ensure that all development within the Precinct is levied a fair and reasonable contribution towards the provision of new traffic infrastructure. 

Enquiries: Jane Kim, Senior Town Planner on (02) 9843 0185.

Submissions have now closed.