Digital Conversion Pedestrian Bridge Advertising Signs - Bella Vista

Submissions Close 09 October 2018

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Digital Conversion of Existing Pedestrian Bridge Advertising Signs - Bella Vista (DA 9591)

Location: Existing pedestrian bridge over the Old Windsor Road, Bella Vista (adjacent to Celebration Drive).
Applicant: Roads & Maritime Services
Council Areas: Hills Shire/Blacktown


Description: Construction of two new digital advertising signs on the north and south sides of an existing pedestrian bridge over Old Windsor Road, adjacent to Celebration Drive, Bella Vista. 

The application will be considered under Part 4 of the Environmental Planning & Assessment Act 1979. The Minister for Planning is the consent authority. The application is not integrated development or designated development.

Exhibition Details: The development application (DA), Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) and accompanying documents may be inspected at the following locations until Tuesday 9 October 2018 during the ordinary office or opening hours of the agency concerned: 

  • an electronic copy may be viewed free of charge at Department of Planning and Environment at 320 Pitt Street, Sydney;
  • an electronic copy may be viewed free of charge at a Service NSW Centre located near you (see for locations);
  • a hard copy may be inspected at the location listed below:
    Blacktown City Council: 62 Flushcombe Road, Blacktown
    The Hills Shire Council: 3 Columbia Court, Norwest

You may also view the application, EIS and accompanying documents electronically on the Department’s website (  

At the time of publishing this advertisement, the Minister for Planning has not directed that a public hearing should be held.


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Anyone can make a written submission about the Development Application during the exhibition period from Wednesday 12 September 2018 until Tuesday 9 October 2018. If a submission is made by way of objection, the grounds of objection must be specified in the submission. 

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Planning Services, Department of Planning and Environment, GPO Box 39 SYDNEY NSW 2001 (Your submission should be marked, Attention: Acting Director – Key Sites Assessments) If you want the Department to delete your personal information before publication, please make this clear at the top of your letter.  

You need to include:

  • Your name and address, at the top of the letter only;
  • The name of the application and the application number;
  • A statement on whether you support or object to the proposal;
  • The reasons why you support or object to the proposal; and
  • A declaration of any reportable political donations made in the previous two years.

To find out what is reportable, and for a disclosure form, go to or telephone 1300 305 695 for a copy. Note the disclosure requirements apply however a submission is made.

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