Planning Changes to the Box Hill and North Kellyville Growth Centres

Submissions Close 10 November 2017


A planning proposal to amend State Environmental Planning Policy (Sydney Region Growth Centres) 2006 in relation to the North Kellyville and Box Hill Growth Centre Areas is currently being exhibited.

The planning proposal will remove provisions applicable to certain land zoned B1 Neighbourhood Centre and B2 Local Centre within the Box Hill and North Kellyville Growth Centre Areas that allow additional floor space for residential development. An amendment to the Floor Space Ratio Map for those centres is also proposed to ensure that the applicable floor space ratio applies to all development on the site and facilitates an appropriate scale of development consistent with the built form outcomes envisaged by the relevant Development Control Plans.

The planning proposal will also ensure that a suitable amount of commercial floor space is provided as part of a development application for shop top housing within the R1 General Residential zoned land located opposite the Box Hill Town Centre
(the town centre ‘interface area’) as intended by the Box Hill Growth Centre Precincts DCP.

Further details on the proposed amendments can be found in the exhibition material available at the locations below and on this pages attachments.

Delegation for making the plan has not been issued to Council under the Gateway Determination.

Enquiries: Michaela Garrard, Town Planner on 9843 0519.

Online Submissions have closed.