Changes to Notification & Advertising DAs & Planning Controls - Rural

Submissions Close 11 March 2016

As part of Council’s commitment to reducing red tape, changes to notification and advertising requirements for Development Applications throughout the Shire and simplified development controls for the rural areas are currently on exhibition. This means you have an opportunity to view the changes and have your say. 

The changes involve simplifying planning controls under Development Control Plan 2012, the Growth Centre Development Control Plans for the North Kellyville and Box Hill Release Areas and The Hills Local Environmental Plan 2012. 

The key proposed changes include:

  • Council will only carry out newspaper advertising of development applications and place a site notice on the property where it is required under legislation.Letters will still be sent to adjoining land owners seeking comments for development types that are currently advertised, for example apartment buildings or shop top housing.
  • Removal of the requirement for letters to adjoining landowners for certain low impact developments such as rural sheds, fencing, tennis courts and strata subdivisions that comply with all of Council’s development controls.Adjoining property owners will instead be sent a courtesy letter advising that an application has been received that meets the requirements of the development control plan.Council also has discretion to seek comments from surrounding landowners where an application may have a greater impact.
  • Changes to planning controls for rural areas including deletion of controls relating to rural workers dwellings and introduction of additional flexibility for rural sheds, secondary dwellings and rural cluster subdivision.
  • A planning proposal to prohibit rural workers dwellings across all rural zones under Local Environmental Plan 2012.The Shire’s rural lands are within close proximity to the urban area and rural workers dwellings are generally only appropriate in remote locations more than 200km from major population centres and when the scale and nature of the farm necessitates on on-site workers.


Alicia Iori, Town Planner on (02) 9843 0396 or Brent Woodhams, Forward Planning Coordinator on (02) 9843 0443.

Online Submission have now closed.