Planning Proposal - Riverside Oaks Golf Course Site & Amendment DCP PBS1 Rural

Submissions Close 17 June 2016

Council has received a Planning Proposal for the Riverside Oaks Golf Course site at 74 O'Briens Road, Cattai (Lot 28 DP 270416) which is now on public exhibition.

The objective of the planning proposal is to create a golf course living style housing opportunity. The Planning Proposal seeks to amend Schedule 1 ‘Additional permitted uses’ of The Hills Local Environmental Plan 2012 to permit a maximum of 300 permanent dwelling houses on lots with a minimum lot size of 450 square metres at 74 O’Briens Road, Cattai.

A draft amendment to The Hills Development Control Plan 2012 Part B Section 1 – Rural has been prepared to support the planning proposal. The amendments introduce site-specific controls such as lot dimensions, building platforms, setbacks, site coverage, private open space, bushland and biodiversity, flood management and waste collection, where ancillary residential development is proposed in association with the Riverside Oaks Golf Course tourist facility.

Enquiries: Brent Woodhams, Forward Planning Coordinator on 9843 0443.

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