Planning Proposal 2-6 & 7 Maitland Pl, Baulkham Hills & Associated Draft VPA

Submissions Close 16 December 2016

Council has resolved to prepare a planning proposal with respect to land at 2-6 and 7 Maitland Place which amends The Hills Local Environmental Plan 2012 to:

  • Rezone part of 7 Maitland Place from B7 Business Park to part R4 High Density Residential and part B7 Business Park;
  • Increase the height of buildings applicable to 2-6 and 7 Maitland Place from RL116 metres (up to 10 storeys) to RL169 metres (up to 25 storeys);
  • Reduce the minimum lot size applicable to 7 Maitland Place from 8,000m2 to 4,000m2;
  • Apply a maximum floor space ratio of 3:1 to land at 2-6 Maitland Place and the portion of 7 Maitland Place proposed to be zoned R4 High Density Residential; and
  • Increase the floor space ratio applicable to the portion of 7 Maitland Place proposed to be zoned B7 Business Park from 1:1 to 1.5:1.

The planning proposal will facilitate a mixed use commercial and high density residential development on the subject site with approximately 370 new dwellings.

In support of the planning proposal, the applicant has also submitted a draft Voluntary Planning Agreement (VPA) which was considered by Council at its meeting of 23 August 2016 and also forms part of this exhibition. The draft VPA addresses additional demand for local infrastructure generated by increased residential yield on 7 Maitland Place. It secures a total contribution value of $7.8 million comprising the construction and dedication of a new local road through the site at no cost to Council, as well as a monetary contribution towards traffic, open space and public domain works to be completed in the future.

Enquiries: Isaac Kensell, Town Planner on (02) 9843 0480.


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