Planning Proposal 153 Boundary Rd Box Hill & Amendment Hills DCP2012 PtD S17

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Planning proposal for land at 153 Boundary Road, Box Hill (3/2016/PLP) and amendment of The Hills Development Control Plan 2012 Part D Section 17 – Box Hill North.

Council has received a planning proposal for land at 153 Boundary Road, Box Hill.

The planning proposal seeks to rezone a 1 hectare portion of the site from R3 Medium Density Residential to SP2 Infrastructure. The purpose of the rezoning is to facilitate the development of a ‘water recycling facility’ on the site which will provide sewer treatment and recycled water infrastructure for the Box Hill North Precinct. The system will supplement Sydney Water’s provision of drinking water to the Precinct.

A draft amendment to The Hills Development Control Plan 2012 (Part D Section 17 – Box Hill North) has also been prepared to ensure that a 15 metre separation distance is provided between the eastern boundary of the site and the boundary of future residential development within the vicinity of the site.

Enquiries: Brent Woodhams, Forward Planning Coordinator on 9843 0443.

Attachment Summary

1 A&B - Planning Proposal – 153 Boundary Road, Box

1C - Council Report and Minute 15 March 2016

1D - Proponent’s Application

1E - Heritage Due Diligence Assessment, RPS Australia East Pty Ltd, dated December 2014

1F - Acoustic Assessment, Wilkinson Murray Pty Ltd, May 2015

1G - Odour Assessment, Pacific Environment Limited, dated May 2015

1H - Concept Stormwater Management Plan

1I - Concept Plans

2 - Gateway Determination - 3/2016/PLP – 3 June 2016

3 - Draft The Hills DCP 2012 (Part D Section 17 – Box Hill North)

4 - The Hills LEP 2012

5 - Applicable State Environmental Planning Policies

  • SEPP 33 Hazardous and Offensive Development
  • SEPP 55 Remediation of Land
  • SEPP Infrastructure 2007
  • SREP 20 Hawkesbury Nepean

6 - Section 117 Ministerial Directions

7 - Letter from Proponent – Compliance with Conditions of Gateway Determination

8 - Review of Environmental Factors – Local Water Centre – Box Hill North (Parts 1 - 5)

9 - Review of Environmental Factors – Proposed Sewage and Recycled Water Reticulation System – Box Hill North (Parts 1 - 5)


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