Various DCP changes inc. Trees private land & street, waste controls

Submissions Close 10 October 2014

Council is exhibiting various amendments to its Development Control Plan. Key amendments relate to footpath widths, street tree requirements, management of trees on private land and waste management controls for multi–unit and mixed use developments.

Amendments involve the standardisation of required footpath and verge widths on local ‘Access Streets’ within the Kellyville/Rouse Hill and Balmoral Road release areas. A revised list of street tree species for the Shire and updated guidelines on street tree locations for new subdivisions are also proposed. The amendments will minimise future tree root damage to footpaths and other assets and improve streetscape and public domain outcomes on new local streets.

Amendments are additionally proposed to reflect recent changes to Council’s policy for managing trees on private land. Proposed controls include a revised tree definition, the inclusion of additional species to the exemption list and an exemption for removal of trees within 3m of an existing approved structure within the same allotment.

Changes to waste management controls include a requirement for on–site waste collection in multi–unit and mixed use developments to achieve appearance, amenity and safety outcomes in the Shire’s higher density areas.

Other minor changes including corrections and formatting are proposed to improve clarity and usability of the plan.


Public Exhibition Period:

Tuesday 9 September 2014 to Friday 10 October 2014


Submission Closed:

Friday 10 October 2014



Town Planner on 9843 0555.