Heritage Assistance Fund 2014/2015 - FP96

Submissions Close 25 July 2014

Since 2001 in accordance with a previous Hills Shire Plan Initiative, Council has made funds available each year to provide financial support to owners of identified heritage homes and buildings through the Heritage Assistance Fund. The overall objective of the heritage assistance fund is to assist property owners to conserve identified heritage items within the Shire. The benefits of providing assistance include:- 

  • To encourage the conservation of heritage items;
  • To provide a mechanism to achieve the conservation of specific elements that are considered to be important to an area such as streetscapes, fences, timber buildings, or heritage items located within rural townships; and
  • To retain the significance of identified heritage within the Shire;
  • To promote a greater awareness, understanding and appreciation of heritage within the Shire.

 The Heritage Assistance Fund continues to provide an important incentive and mechanism to achieve the conservation of the Shire’s heritage for the benefit of the individual owners and the wider community. 

Enquiries:  Patrice Grzelak, Town Planner on 9843 0555.