Draft DCP, VPA & S94CP - rezoning of land within Box Hill North Pct

Submissions Close 05 September 2014

To support the development of Box Hill North Precinct for urban purposes, a draft Development Control Plan, Voluntary Planning Agreement and Section 94 Contributions Plan have been prepared.  

The vision of the Box Hill North precinct is to create a high quality, integrated and ecologically sustainable urban environment integrated with good public transport accessibility, open space, community facilities and employment opportunities. The draft Development Control Plan provides specific objectives for development within Box Hill North and relevant controls to ensure the vision and objectives are achieved.

The rezoning of the Box Hill North Precinct for urban development will also require a full range of urban support infrastructure such as recreation facilities, water management facilities, and transportation facilities. It is proposed that the required infrastructure will be delivered through the combination of a Voluntary Planning Agreement and a Section 94 Contributions Plan.

Bronwyn Smith, Principal Forward Planner (02) 9843 0269.