Planning Proposals – Advertising on Council Owned Infrastructure

Submissions Close 06 December 2019

Planning Proposals – Advertising on Council Owned Infrastructure across the Hills Shire (1/2020/PLP & 2/2020/PLP)

Council has received a Gateway Determination to proceed with two planning proposals to amend The Hills Local Environmental Plan 2012 (1/2020/PLP) and State Environmental Planning Policy (Sydney Region Growth Centres) 2006 as it relates to the North Kellyville and Box Hill Release Areas (2/2020/PLP) to include exempt development criteria for advertising undertaken by or on behalf of Council on bus shelters, seats, street signs and bridges.

The proposed amendments seek to establish a clear administrative pathway for the provision of advertising on ‘road related infrastructure’ by Council and clarify the permissibility and approval pathway for this form of advertising through Council’s LEP and the Growth Centres SEPP. 

The proposed exempt development criteria would control the location, scale and design of small scale advertising on structures such as bus shelters, seats and street signs to ensure they are of minimal environmental impact. It would also require signage on bridges to comply with the provisions of the State Government’s Transport Corridor Outdoor Advertising Signage Guidelines.

Gateway Determinations have been issued by the Department of Planning, Industry and Environment for both planning proposals. Delegation for making of the amendments has been issued to Council under the Gateway Determinations.


Enquiries: Yee Lian, Town Planner on (02) 9843 0264.

Submissions have closed.