Local Strategic Planning Statement And Supporting Strategies

Submissions Close 09 August 2019

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Have your say on the Hills Future 2036 – Draft Local Strategic Planning Statement and supporting strategies

The draft Local Strategic Planning Statement (LSPS) is about the future of our whole community. It establishes the vision for our Shire and how we will manage growth and change as our population increases. The documents set out planning priorities and actions for the next 5 years that will provide for housing, jobs, parks and services for our growing population.

The six (6) supporting strategies provide further detail on targeted themes and issues, as well as longer term actions to be undertaken over the next 20 years.

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Submissions have now closed.


Next Steps

  • Following the exhibition of the LSPS and supporting strategies, a report will be prepared for Council seeking their endorsement of these documents.
  • A Planning Proposal will also be prepared, that will seek to implement changes to The Hills LEP identified within the LSPS. It should be noted that the LSPS does not identify any changes to land use zoning within the Shire.
  • We will seek further feedback about proposed changes to The Hills LEP later in 2019.



Forward Planning Team on 02 9843 0597.