Draft Contributions Plan No. 17 – Castle Hill North (FP251)

Submissions Close 01 February 2019

Draft Contributions Plan No. 17 – Castle Hill North enables Council to levy monetary contributions from development within the Castle Hill North Precinct to provide local infrastructure required to support the future population.

The draft Plan identifies upgrades and new facilities including roundabouts, road widening, intersection re-alignment, new playing fields, upgrade of local open spaces and new stormwater management facilities.

The draft Plan was initially exhibited with the Castle Hill North planning proposal from Thursday 17 August 2017 to Friday 15 September 2017. Following further review of the plans and the submissions received, a number of key amendments were made including:

  • Deletion of the exhibited playing field facility at land bound by Gilmour Close, Kyle Avenue and Glenhaven Road, Glenhaven and inclusion of a 3 field expansion at Holland Reserve in Glenhaven
  • Revised capital costs for the upgrade of Castle Street and Old Castle Hill Road to reflect updated cost estimates, and
  • Removal of the cost of public domain improvements.

Council resolved at its Ordinary Meeting on 27 November, 2018 to re-exhibit Draft Contributions Plan No. 17 – Castle Hill North including the above amendments. 

Enquiries: Alicia Iori – Senior Town Planner on 02 9843 0396.

Submissions Closed.