Draft Amendments to Hills DCP2012 Part C Section 3 – Landscaping

Submissions Close 30 August 2019

At its meeting of 25 June 2019, Council resolved to publicly exhibit amendments to the following section of The Hills Development Control Plan 2012:

Part C Section 3 – Landscaping.


Key amendments to The Hills DCP 2012 include the following:

  • Change in exempt tree species with an additional nine species exempt from the application process;
  • The existing exemption for trees that are within 3 metres of an existing approved dwelling or ancillary structure amended to 5 metres;
  • Additional aim and objective to recognise the right of a property owner to be able to manage vegetation on their land, including the removal of trees that they consider a danger to their dwelling;
  • References to legislation updated to reflect current legislation.


The Hills DCP 2012 refers to Council’s Tree Management Guidelines for Trees on Private Land which contain additional information and assessment criteria.  It is noted that Council resolved to amend the guidelines as follows: 

  • Part 4 Assessment Criteria under the heading ‘Danger’ additional criteria added to address serious concerns over the size of a tree and proximity to a habitable dwelling.  Where the size of the tree exceeds 15m in height and the tree is within the strike zone of a habitable dwelling this will be given weight in determining an application to remove and/or prune a tree;
  • Remove the requirement that exempt works to dangerous trees only relate to work required to make safe the tree or component of the tree that poses the risk. This allows for storm damaged trees to be removed without consent provided evidence is submitted to Council.


Enquiries: Mark Chidel, Environment Coordinator, on 02 9843 0455.

Submissions have closed.