Draft Amendments Contributions Plan 12 Balmoral Rd Release Area FP131

Submissions Close 22 June 2018

Council resolved in part at its Ordinary Meeting on 24 April 2018 to publicly exhibit draft amendments to Contributions Plan No.12 – Balmoral Road Release Area (‘CP12’).  As part of the periodical review and monitoring of contributions plans by Council, it is proposed that the Plan be amended to:

  • Reflect actual expenditure completed and income received;
  • Update the value of outstanding land acquisition based on current land values;
  • Revise population projections and future income assumptions based on the rate and quantum of development anticipated within the Balmoral Road Release Area, updated census (demographic) data and the removal of land which has been rezoned for the Bella Vista and Kellyville Station Precincts (these areas will be subject to a new contributions plan);
  • Incorporate recommendations from IPART’s previous assessment of CP12;
  • Revise cost estimates for outstanding capital works; and
  • Administrative amendments and update of financial assumptions.


Enquiries: Jane Kim, Senior Town Planner on (02) 9843 0185.

Submissions have closed.