Draft Voluntary Planning Agreement – Box Hill Precinct

Submissions Close 29 September 2017

Council resolved at its Ordinary meeting of 8 August 2017 to exhibit a draft Voluntary Planning Agreement (‘VPA’) relating to the delivery of local infrastructure within the Box Hill Precinct.

The draft VPA requires the Developer to provide approximately $50 million of local infrastructure within the Box Hill Precinct in association with residential subdivision for approximately 1,900 dwellings. The infrastructure has been identified under Contributions Plan No. 15 – Box Hill Precinct (‘CP15’) and includes traffic and drainage infrastructure required to support development, including a large portion of Mt Carmel Road through the Precinct (including intersections and bridges).

The draft VPA allows for the Developer to recoup the cost of infrastructure provided through offsetting of Section 94 contributions payable under CP15 and/or claiming reimbursement from Council using funds already collected under CP15.

The draft VPA provides an opportunity for Council to ‘de-risk’ the provision of this infrastructure and allows for it to be provided more efficiently (as part of a larger development), unlocking development potential both on the Developer’s land and throughout the broader Precinct. It also promotes orderly development as infrastructure would be provided in conjunction with the roll-out of housing.

Enquiries: Piers Hemphill, Forward Planning Coordinator on 9843 0511.

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