Reduced min lot size part No15 Old Glenhaven Rd Glenhaven (2/2014/PLP)

Submissions Close 31 January 2014

Council is currently exhibiting a planning proposal which proposes to reduce the lot size applicable to part of No 15 Old Glenhaven Road, Glenhaven. The proposal would facilitate the subdivision of the land below the existing minimum lot size, only in conjunction with the construction of a residential care facility where it adjoins an existing seniors’ housing development.

The proposed outcomes would be achieved by a local clause (draft Clause 4.1D Exceptions to minimum lot size for a residential care facility) allowing a reduced lot size of 6000m2 on an 8449m2 portion of the site where a two hectare minimum usually applies.

The Minister for Planning and Infrastructure has chosen to delegate the making of the plan to Council and has determined that the planning proposal should proceed subject to conditions outlined in the Gateway Determination.

Submission Deadline:  Friday 31 January 2014.                                                    

Enquiries:  Kate Clinton, Forward Planning Coordinator (Mon-Wed) - 9843 0555.

The Planning Proposal submitted by the applicant proposed an amendment to the Lot Size Map to apply a minimum lot size of 6000m2 to part of 15 Old Glenhaven Road.  This would permit future subdivision to this size regardless of the future use of the land.  Council resolved instead to prepare draft Clause 4.1D Exceptions to minimum lot size for a residential care facility to ensure that a reduced lot size applies only in association with an approved and constructed residential care facility. Please refer to the Council report for further information.