Draft Amendment Hills DCP2012 PDS16 - 301 Samantha Riley Dr Kellyville

Submissions Close 14 February 2014

Council has received amendments to a planning proposal for 301 Samantha Riley Drive, Kellyville. The objective of the planning proposal is to permit a high density mixed use retail and residential development. The planning proposal has been amended to reduce the overall building height and scale of development from that which was previously exhibited in order to provide better integration and transition with surrounding land uses.

In support of the planning proposal, draft amendments have been prepared for The Hills Development Control Plan 2012. The planning proposal and draft development controls will be on public exhibition from Tuesday 14 January 2014 to Friday 14 February 2014.

The planning proposal seeks to change The Hills Local Environmental Plan 2012 as follows:

  • the zone of the subject site from part B7 Business Park zone and part SP2 Infrastructure zone to part R1 General Residential zone and part SP2 Infrastructure zone;
  • to identify ‘shops’ as an additional permitted land use on the site and to limit the amount of retail floor space to 1,900m2;
  • the Floor Space Ratio Map from 1:1 to 4:1;
  • and the Height of Buildings Map from 16 metres to a mix of 10 metres, 17 metres, 22 metres, 33 metres, 36 metres, 46 metres and 65 metres (18 storeys) across the site.  

The draft development controls have been prepared to enhance the design and amenity of any future development on the site. The development controls address a number of matters including active frontages, setbacks, road layout, podium and tower elements, landscaping and open space, building design and layout, and stormwater management.

All of the information which forms part of this exhibition can be downloaded below. In support of the exhibition a 3D fly through model and photomontage images have been prepared to convey the proposed building massing, scale, height and built form in the wider site context.

The Minister for the Department of Planning and Infrastructure has chosen to delegate the making of the plan to Council.

Enquiries: Brent Woodhams on 9843 0555.