Exhibition of Planning Proposal, 11-13 Solent Circuit, Baulkham Hills

Submissions Close 02 May 2014

Council is exhibiting proposed changes to planning controls in The Hills Local Environmental Plan 2012 that apply to land at 11-13 Solent Circuit, Baulkham Hills. The objective of the proposed changes is to increase the development potential of the site in response to its proximity to the Norwest Town Centre and future Norwest Railway Station, and to activate the Norwest Lake frontage.  

It is proposed to increase the maximum permissible height by 27.2 metres and to increase the amount of floor space that can be achieved in order to facilitate a future development of up to 20 storeys, including approximately 6000m2 of commercial floor space and 240 residential units. The proposal would also permit the construction of appropriate commercial development over the part of the site that is zoned for drainage purposes, consistent with existing development on the Norwest Lake.

Associated amendments to The Hills Development Control Plan 2012 Part B Section C – Business are also proposed to guide the form of future development and ensure appropriate design, setbacks and pedestrian access.

Note: This planning proposal is for amendments to planning controls only. Whilst images of a possible built form are provided as part of the exhibition, no development application has been lodged. Should the amendments to planning controls be adopted, any development on the site would be the subject of a future development application and associated community consultation.

The Minister for Planning and Infrastructure has chosen to delegate the making of the plan to Council and has determined that the planning proposal should proceed subject to conditions outlined in the Gateway Determination.

Enquiries:  Kate Clinton - Acting Forward Planning Coordinator - 9843 0555 (Mon/Wed/Thur).