Draft Amendments DCP2012 Review of Residential Flat Building Controls

Submissions Close 29 August 2014

Council at its meeting of 8 July 2014 resolved to prepare and exhibit a draft amendment to The Hills Development Control Plan 2012 (Part B Section 5 – Residential Flat Buildings, Part D Section 6 – Rouse Hill Regional Centre, Part D Section 8 – Norwest Residential Precinct, Part D Section 12 – Carlingford Precinct and Part D Section 14 – Target Site Corner Windsor Road and Seven Hills Road, Baulkham Hills).

The purpose of the amendment is to provide housing diversity by identifying apartment mix and size controls for residential flat buildings within The Hills Shire. The draft controls are included within Part B Section 5 – Residential Flat Buildings of the DCP. Four (4) site specific sections of the DCP are also being amended to delete the existing apartment mix and size controls identified within these sections. This will ensure that a consistent approach is provided across the Shire.

Enquiries: Brent Woodhams, Forward Planning Coordinator, 9843 0555.