Driveway Applications

A driveway application is required for each footpath/gutter crossing or point of vehicular access to a property to ensure that works in Council’s footpath verge complies with the relevant standards and Council’s policies and that the safety of all road users, including pedestrians and cyclists, is protected, both during and after construction.

Section 138 of the Roads Act 1993 requires that Council consent be obtained for works within the road reserve. This includes driveways and footpaths. This approval is necessary to ensure the work complies with Australian Standards and Council policies and that the safety of all road users, including pedestrians and cyclists, are protected both during, and after, construction.

Refer to the fact sheets, specifications, drawings and forms below for more information: 


Fact Sheet - Construction of Driveways, Gutter Crossings & Footpaths(PDF, 4MB)

Footpath Crossing Application Form(PDF, 143KB)

Specifications for Footpaths & Gutter Crossing(PDF, 4MB)

Standard Drawing - Gutter & Footpath Crossing(PDF, 84KB)

Standard Drawing - Footpath Crossing Grades & Suggested Max Internal Driveway Grades - Single Residential Lots(PDF, 69KB)

Standard Drawing - Rural Gutter Crossing(PDF, 38KB)

Standard Drawing - Rural Vehicular Crossings(PDF, 75KB)

Standard Drawing - Footpath Paving and Jointing Details(PDF, 51KB)


For more information or assistance with Driveway Specifications contact Council's Subdivision Duty Officer on +61 2 9843 0374.