Fact Sheets

If you have any questions relating to any of the fact sheets, contact Council's Duty Town Planner on +61 2 9843 0469 or the Duty Building Surveyor on +61 2 9843 0470.   


Development Application Process

Information on the Development Application Process can be found here.

Addressing Requirements for Residential Developments(PDF, 539KB)

Preparing Plans for Development Applications(PDF, 696KB)

Electronic Lodgement of Development Application files(PDF, 142KB)

Development Applications Lodgement Checklist - Residential Dwelling Alterations & Additions(PDF, 726KB)

Building Inspections Fact Sheet(PDF, 1MB)


Planning for The Hills

Amending the Local Environmental Plan(PDF, 353KB)



Addressing Requirements for Residential Developments(PDF, 539KB)

Asbestos and Fibro Fact Sheet(PDF, 2MB)

Building a New House Fact Sheet(PDF, 2MB)

Building in a Bush Fire Prone Area (single Dwellings)

Section 96 Modification Fact Sheet(PDF, 123KB)

Backyard Burning - Bushfire Fuel Management Conditions of Approval(PDF, 57KB)

Caravan Installation Fact Sheet(PDF, 2MB)

Complying Development Fact Sheet(PDF, 1MB)

Dams - Construction & Expansion Fact Sheet(PDF, 740KB)

Dewatering Dams Fact Sheet(PDF, 562KB)

Dog Attacks(PDF, 918KB)

Driveways, Gutter Crossings and Footpaving Fact Sheet(PDF, 87KB)

Dual Occupancy Development Fact Sheet(PDF, 173KB)

Nature Strip Encroachments(PDF, 1MB)

Granny Flat (Secondary Dwelling) Checklist(PDF, 154KB)

Inter-allotment Drainage (Private) Fact Sheet(PDF, 255KB)

Landfill Fact Sheet(PDF, 933KB)

Living in a Bushfire Prone Landscape(PDF, 2MB)

North Kellyville Fact Sheet(PDF, 90KB)

Rain Gardens - installation and operations (North Kellyville Release Area)

Rates Fact Sheet (Why Have Rates & How They Are Calculated)(PDF, 861KB)

Real Estate Signage Requirements(PDF, 966KB)

Statement of Environmental Effects - Dwellings & Major Additions(PDF, 238KB)

Statement of Environmental Effects - Minor Structures(PDF, 202KB)

Stormwater Investigation(PDF, 403KB)

Synthetic Turf on Council Nature Strip(PDF, 2MB)

Temporary Road Occupancy Conditions(PDF, 258KB)

Wood Heaters - Guidelines for Application, Installation & Operation(PDF, 747KB)


Swimming Pools 

Swimming Pool Inspection Program(PDF, 16KB)

Swimming Pool Compliance Certificate(PDF, 595KB)

Removal of a Swimming Pool(PDF, 167KB) 

Find more information on swimming pool requirements here.


Tennis Courts

Fact Sheet - Tennis Court Information & Conditions of Hire(PDF, 430KB)

Tennis Courts and Lighting Fact Sheet(PDF, 2MB)


Working from Home

Home Based Uses 

Retail Motor Dealer Licence Fact Sheet

Wholesale Motor Dealer Licence Fact Sheet(PDF, 2MB)



Advertising Structures(PDF, 2MB)

Child Care Centre Development Applications Fact Sheet(PDF, 926KB)

Fire Safety Building Regulations(PDF, 373KB)

Health Care Premises Fact Sheet(PDF, 669KB)

Nurseries Fact Sheet(PDF, 3MB)

Retail, Commercial and Industrial Occupation Checklist(PDF, 582KB)

Real Estate Signage Requirements(PDF, 966KB)


Tree and Vegetation Management

Vegetation Management Plan Guideline(PDF, 3MB)

Guideline for Preparing Flora and Fauna(PDF, 171KB)

Development and Threatened Species Fact Sheet(PDF, 2MB)

Tree Management(PDF, 4MB)

Ecological Assessment for Proposed Developments - A guide for applicants(PDF, 81KB)

Stormwater Drains and Water Pollution Fact Sheet(PDF, 118KB)

Managing Biodiversity - Guidelines for Preparing Information Fact Sheets(PDF, 3MB)


Resolving Disputes

Dividing Fences


Barking Dogs

Stormwater Investigation(PDF, 403KB)

Trees - resolving disputes (Land and Environment Court Website) and

Trees Act - Understanding the Law Fact Sheet(PDF, 106KB) 



Addressing Requirements for Residential Developments(PDF, 539KB)

Exempt and Complying Development - Subdivision(PDF, 85KB)

Early Subdivision Certificate Release for Integrated Housing Development Applications(PDF, 88KB)

Servicing Requirements for Subdivision Development Applications Fact Sheet(PDF, 2MB)

Telecommunication Infrastructure Servicing Requirements for Subdivision Development Applications Fact Sheet(PDF, 390KB)